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AM003 Polijstpasta met schuurpapier superfijn (polish) 4,00

sof01 sof02
SOF01 Decalsoftener 'strong' (versoepel decal + adhesie) 5,00
SOF02 Decalsoftener 'extra strong' (o.a. bandendecals) 5,00
MIL01 Milliput opvulpasta (normaal, geel/groen) 4,00

bm002 Plastic Polish
bm002 Plastic polijstmiddel 6,00
bm003 Panel Scriber/snijgereedschap om lijnen bij te zetten 18,00
bm020 Parts Placer/Voor hanteren van kleine onderdelen 5,50

Vac form schaar
MM018 Vac form schaar 31,00

SM1108 Grabit-StiX: Hanteer de kleinste onderdelen! 9,75

Grabit StiX is a revolutionary new small parts placement tool designed to work with small modeling parts and accessories.

Each kit contains 15 re-usable Grabit StiX packaged in a matchbook clip.

Paint Small Part

Glue Small Parts

Set Screws of All Types

Thread Nuts and Bolts

Reposition Delicate Parts

A virtual toolbox in a matchbook, one touch does it all!

SM1107 PolishingStiX: 30 polijststicks van 3200 tot 12000 14,50

PolishingStiX turns a material into a professional modeling tool!

Each five matchbook set contains six PolishingStiX in grades 3200, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 and 12,000. PolishingStiX is real Micro Mesh with a stiff, pliable polystyrene backing. You can trim each stick to fit any minute detail requiring the same polished surface the rest of your build demands. The plastic backing allows you to dip PolishingStiX into water for cleaning and reuse to achieve that wet sanded sparkle! Perfect for removing embedded dust particles that seem to appear in that last wet coat of spray paint.

Cheaper than a set of Micro Mesh sheets alone! Sold only as a five matchbook set, matchbook grades are not sold separately.


Show & Shine
SM1101 Show & Shine, Polijstdoekje 2,00
Bare Metal Foil

BMF Chroom BMF Ultra Bright Chrome BMF Goud BMF Matt Aluminium
bm001 Chroom 10,00
bm004 Ultra Bright Chroom 10,00
bm007 Zwart 10,00
bm008 Goud 10,00
bm011 Matt aluminium 10,00
bm017 Koper 12,50
bm086 Bare Metal extra adhesie lijm 6,50

bm127 Liquid Decal Film bm128 Sol bm129 Set bm133 Coat Flat bm134 Coat Satin bm135 Coat Gloss
bm127 Micro Liquid Decal Film 6,00
bm128 Micro Sol 6,00
bm129 Micro Set 6,00
bm133 Micro Coat Flat 6,00
bm134 Micro Coat Satin 6,00
bm135 Micro Coat Gloss 6,00

bm136 Weld bm137 Mask bm138 Kristal Klear bm139 Liqui Tape
bm136 Micro Weld 6,00
bm137 Micro Mask 6,00
bm138 Kristal Klear 6,00
bm139 Micro Liqui Tape 6,00
SP111 Remover voor 10-sekondenlijm (cyanoacryl)
SP125 Vloeibare decal film voor oude decals
VET01 Minivitrine (16,5x7,7x7) voor 1:43 model zwart [BBR] 5,50
VET02 Minivitrine (30x15x12) voor 1 1:20/24 model [BBR] 22,00
VET03 Minivitrine (16,5x7,7x7) 1:43 grijs [BBR] 9,00

vet01 Display Box, black base vet02 Display Box 1/24 vet03 Display Box, grey base
VET04 Minivitrine (16,5x7,7x7) 1:43 start grid [BBR] 9,00
VET05 Minivitrine (16,5x7,7x7) 1:43 oude weg/old road [BBR] 9,00
VET06 Minivitrine plexiglass (16,5x7,7x7) 1:43 [BBR] zwart 9,00

vet04 Display Box, F1 Grid vet05 Display Box, Classic Track/Road


Handleiding werken met Bare Metal Foil DE handleiding voor bouwers van 1/43 kits
bm105 "How to use Bare-Metal Foil" 6,50
bm106 "How to use Bare-Metal Panel Scriber" 4,50
MM017 The World of 43rd, gids voor het bouwen van resin en metalen kits Sold out

Foto CD Scale Motorsport Foto CD Scale Motorsport Ferrari Enzo
SM1200 Foto-CD Ferrari Enzo Up Close & Mechanical (Mac/PC) 14,50

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