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DRA can supply you with kits of these brands:

Next to the up to date stock of all the great new kits on the market, we at DRA always have a fine stock of rare out of production kits. Please click on the logo's or the links to find the kits you have been looking for. And even if you cannot find the kits you are looking for on one of these pages, don't despair and contact DRA immediately!

(see our contact page for more details on how to contact us)
abc brianza ABC Brianza was started up by model car pioneer Carlo Brianza. Today his son Andrea makes kits for this range, particularly Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

Alezan is a french producer of resin kits  who specializes in prototype cars and specific car makes such as Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Maserati and Renault.

amruf Andre Marie Ruf was one of the pioneering makes in the world of 43rd models. Unfortunately AMR production has stopped. Please have a look at our stock. All AMR kits are in white metal, with photo-etched parts and good instruction leaflet.
arena Arena produces their kits in resin. In the past they have made many Corvettes but now they focus on the Lancia Stratos and various other rally cars.
Axel'R Axel'R is run by model builder and race driver Roger Dutemple. He has released some interesting racing models, especially Lotus and Le Mans.
bbr BBR has set a standard with their hand built models. Take on the challenge and go for one of their kits!
ccc CCC is another one man company specialised in french cars. But a beautiful classic car can be found here as well.
Dallari Dallari was around for a long time. This italian maker specialized in Ferrari. Some kits contain many parts and can give a lot of hours of modelling pleasure.
Crescent is a new modelmaker focussing on formula one models. The first three kits were all of Williams BMW cars, but they say they are going to make Jaguars and Toyota's and who knows what more?
rare kits We at DRA recently started our own line of kits to fill some gaps in the history of modelling. Focussing primarily on Ferrai, we are very proud of our achievements to date and we hope you like our models just as much as we like them!!!
esdo Esdo is a french kit maker with a wild variety of subjects: French cars, CanAm racers, Le Mans and oldtimer.
feeling43 Feeling 43 are producing the most detailed kits around at the moment. Not only multi-part but also multi-material. You have to see this to believe it!
gaffe Gaffe stands for four wheel drive. Many kits have a Paris-Dakar subject.
gamma Gamma Kits from Rome make resin kits and are dedicated to Porsche racers and italian street and racing cars.
hifi HiFi is one make that is out of production quite some years. However some kits from this white metal series (mainly F1 and Ferrari) are still avaible.
IV IV Model Factory from Italy specializes in classic italian sports cars. Enjoy!
Jade Jade makes poly-urethan kits from racing cars from the fifties and sixties. Especially Grand Prix cars. They also make the Michel Vaillant model cars.
jps JPS make pre painted kits of Le Mans racers and various french sports cars.
k&r K&R is one the earliest UK/based makers around. English sports cars here in their K&R and Ace ranges. In the Racing Line you will find various classic GP cars and Le Mans racers.
le mans miniatures Le Mans Miniatures know how to make super detailed resin kits. They have specialised in Le Mans subjects of course.
klaxon by gamma Klaxon is made by Gamma from Rome. The make for the classic italian car enthusiast, especially AR!
marsh models Marsh Models and their Thundersport series with CanAm and Long Distance racers are renowned for their high quality. The "One for the road" series brings street car kits.
mcm MCM is the specialist in the field of classic GP and Le Mans cars. The Top Queens serie has some of the most stunning white metal kits around with superb detail.
mea kit43 Mea Kit43 brings us moto bikes in 1/43rd scale, however they also make very detailed car kits.
meri kits Meri Kits has issued many series of kits. The large Meri line with many rally and racing cars, especially Lancia, the Meri Serie Special with high detailed Ferrari F1 kits, Microstyle with resin rally models and the Martini Racing series with Martini sponsored racing cars.
mg modelli MG Modelli is specialist in the first rare Ferrari´s around. These kits have resin body with other parts in white metal.
miniracing Miniracing has a vast range of kit of racing cars. Here you will find many french racing cars but also the rare and wild racing cars that starred at Le Mans.
m models M Models is a serie by Tron. These white metal kits are intended for the Ferrari F1 collectors.
leonardo Modelismo Leonardo entered the kit market two years ago with a lot of models at once. Formula One, Ferrari and Maserati are prime subjects for this newcomer.font>
modelplus Model Plus is a line of kits produced by MG Modelli. This is series of mainly grand prix cars with engine detail. All kits are in white metal.
provence Provence Miniatures Automobiles comes from the south of France and started as a company in 2004 by some of the old Provence Moulage crew. They produce the same high quality kits with subjects as Le Mans, High Performance cars and classics.
provence Provence Moulage was around for more than 20 years and in that time they have produced close to 2000 kits! In general they specialized in Le Mans and other racing cars but they had a weak spots for beautiful street cars, prototype and study models and Formula One. After the marriage with former colleague Starter, some Starter kits were re-released again under the Provence label. In the summer of 2004 Provence stopped. This is our last stock!
raccoon Raccoon from Japan prepares special kits with the help of some of the best specialists in kits.
racing43 Racing43 has a wide range of especially rally cars. However they also bring models and kits from exotic street cars or wild racers
renaissance Renaissance produces resin kits. They bring out two series. The Renaissance line with classic Ferrari, Osca and Stanguellini racing cars. And the Intégral line with modern sports cars. Watch their detail!
shmr SHMR specializes in Maserati and Ferrari models. They somehow resemble some kits released about fifteen years ago. But they still look great!
SLM S.L.M. is keen to fill gaps in your Le Mans collection. Especially for the pre-war years. Developped by Christian Gouel of MCM fame!font>
smts SMTS is specialist in white metal casting techniques. Next to helping others with this they have their own models series. The Racing Line with various racing cars and the Classic Line with prestigious sports cars.
src Scale Racing Cars or SRC is a fine series of white-metal kits of mainly Formula One cars. A good series for both beginners and advanced builders. Lotus, Ferrari and Formula One here. The SRC range will be transferred to SMTS as the SRC staff retires.

Starter was a pioneering make back in the eighties with resin kits. After the takeover by and demise of Provence we have only a few kits left.

tameo Tameo Kits is one of the most innovative kit makers around, focussing both on detail and ease of build. Impossible? Have a look!  One of the latest innovations of Tameo Kits are pre-bent photo etched parts. You will find F1 from the seventies up until today. The World Champion series (wct) of Tameo contains  some of the most detailed kits available for very competitive prices. Even if you haven't built a formula one model before, it's worth looking at a Tameo kit.
tecnomodels Tecnomodel made spectacular debut some years ago. Nowadays they are still renowned for their multi-material kits. Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Maserati are their main focus.
tenariv Tenariv is for passionate Formula One builders. If you like sixties and sventies F1: go Tenariv. These easy to assemble kits are made from poly-urethane.
This This Way Up from South-Africa brings us kits from F1 cars from the seventies and early eighties. They make use of Tameo Kits parts
trajectoire Trajectoire series were pre-painted kits. Please find here our last stocks
tron Equipe Tron from Italy is around for more than 20 years. They focus strongly on italian subject. Buildability has never left their attention. The Tron P-serie is a fine selection of pretty kits.
tronstar Tron Star is a high detail line of kits from Equipe Tron. Here you will find mostly Ferrari with exquisite engine detail. Especially the Ferrari Barchetta is a historic kit.
vroom Vroom is a french resin kit maker that specializes in Bugatti, Porsche and Citroen. However they do italians as well.

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