For over twentyfive years DRA has been a leading supplier of kits and parts for many collectors. Why? Possibly because we strive to make you enjoy your models as much as possible.


If you have a problem

Of course we can supply you with models, kits or parts. But did you know that we also can offer you advise and suggestions as you like! As we share this passion with you we invite you to use our special after market services. Feel free to contact us.


Incomplete kits, missing parts?

It might happend: you received a kit missing a part. Or maybe something is damaged. Please contact DRA by mail. We are there to help you. Through our close relation with most kit makers, we should be able to help you out.

Looking for something special? A rare kit? Old decals? We might be of assistance. We did many times in the past.


Anything else?

For other things we are also more than happy to help you. For instance if you have suggestions for future subjects? We always want to pass them on to the kit producers we represent.


Some reasons why you should contact DRA:


e-mail De Roos Autominiaturen




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