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DRA Handbuilt Models stock

De Roos Autominiaturen carries a wide range of hand built models. We carry both rare out of production models, as well as the latest artisan models. Have a look at what we currently have in stock. Please click on the logo or the link! If you cannot find the model you are looking for, feel free to contact us as we may find it for you.

(see our contact page for more details on how to contact us)
abc brianza ABC Brianza was started up by model car pioneer Carlo Brianza. Today his son Andrea makes models of great cars, particularly Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

Alezan is a french producer of resin kits  who specializes in prototype cars. Alezan set up his handbuilt line a few years ago and brings spectacular subjects.

bbr BBR does not need an introduction. For years this top quality brand has set the standard for hand built models. Just enjoy!
rare handbuilt models We at DRA carries a wide variety of brands. Here you will find special models from a wide selection of smaller firms. Some no longer active, but widely sought after: true collector items.
esdo Esdo is a French kit and models maker with a wild variety of subjects: French cars, CanAm racers, Le Mans and oldtimer.
feeling43 Feeling 43 produced the most detailed kits around. Not only multi-part but also multi-material. You have to see this to believe it!
gamma Claxons is a label from the Gamma company from Rome. Their Claxon (Klaxon) serie is dedicated to the classic Alfa Romeo models.
marsh models Marsh Models and their Thundersport series with CanAm and Long Distance racers are renowned for their high quality. The "One for the road" series brings street car kits.
mcm MCM is the specialist in the field of classic GP and Le Mans cars. The Top Queens serie has some of the most stunning white metal kits around with superb detail.
Look Smart Look Smart has issued several models in limited editions. Their paint finish and presentation is next to unrivalled. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and other top makes are modelled.
mrc MR Collection is specialist in exotic Italian cars (Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini!) and Porsche.
smts SMTS is specialist in white metal casting techniques. Next to helping others with this they have their own models series. The Racing Line with various racing cars and the Classic Line with prestigious sports cars.
tameo Tameo Kits is one of the most innovative kit makers around, focussing both on detail and ease of build. Specializing in F1 kits since the early eighties, Tameo has now started a series of handbuilt models based on their kits. Great additions to any F1 collection.
tecnomodels Tecnomodel made spectacular debut some years ago. Nowadays they are still renowned for their multi-material kits. Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Maserati are their main focus.
tron Equipe Tron from Italy is around for more than 20 years. They focus strongly on italian subject. Buildability has never left their attention. The Tron P-serie is a fine selection of pretty kits. In the Tron-AMR series you will find re-issues of classic AMR kits.

Arjan de Roos, 2006

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